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Can I set my reservation on-line or I must call
your office?
- Yes, you may set your reservation on-line by filling
out a form with your trip information. It is safe and
convenient. You also may choose to call our office
and speak to one of our representatives.
How do I find my limousine at the airport? -
- Once you have arrived at the airport, you must
pick-up your luggage first then you have to call us
and let us know that you are ready to be picked up.
You will be given your limousine license plate # and
driver's name.
Where do I find my ride at the airport?-
- We will pick you up on the lower level outside
baggage claim on the middle island. When you will
call to let us know that you are ready to be
picked-up, you will be asked what vestibule exit you
are at. Each vestibule exit marked by number and
letter ( for example: terminal 1 - 1A, 1B, 1C...;
terminal 2 - 2A, 2B, 2C...; terminal 3 - 3A, 3B, 3C
and so on ). Your chauffeur will pick you up in front
of that exit.
Can I pay for my ride with credit card to the
- Yes. The chauffeur is able to accept credit cards.
You can pay by Visa, Master Card, American
Express, Discover, Travelers Check,local check and
cash. You may present your credit card to our
chauffeur, he/she will make a copy ( slip ), you will
have to sign it, chauffeur will provide with receipt.
- We track you flight and will know exactly what you
are suppose to arrive. You must call us as soon
you know about your flight cancellation. If you will be
getting on the different flight you must provide us
with new flight information so we can continue
tracking it.
Do I get charged waiting time at the airport if my
flight gets delayed or if it takes longer time to
receive my luggage?
-We allow 1 hour starting your arrival time for all
domestic flights and 1.5 hour for all international
flights without any charge. If you exceed this time
you will be charged charter rate. If you fail to make
any contact with us within 1 hour for all domestic
flights and 1.5 hour for all international flights - we
will consider your reservation as NO SHOW and will
charge your credit card or account for the full
amount (see
terms & conditions). If you are at the
airport but have trouble receive your luggage or it
takes longer time then usually please call us as
soon as possible and let us know. We will keep you
chauffeur at the airport till you are ready to be picked
Do I get charged waiting time at my home, hotel
or office if I am not ready yet?
- If you are not ready at your assigned pick-up time
we allow 15 minutes as a grace waiting time
without any charge, but after that you will be
charged $ 12.50 every 15 minutes.
L i m o u s i n e    S e r v i c e    I n c.